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Our Solutions Are All Driven By Computer Vision and
Integrated to most Point of Sales Systems

Digital Menu Boards - Indoors

Our outstanding Digital Menu Boards (DMBs) are backed by the PlusAMedia Digital Signage Platform which outshines the competition in attractiveness...

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Digital Menu Boards - Outdoors

PlusAMedia DMBs can also be optimized for exterior installations that withstand even the toughest weather conditions like...

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Greatly enhance your guest experience while increasing your profits. Provide a map/guide for your guest of your hotels amenities...

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Advertising Networks

Digital Signage is changing the way we sell to our customers. In today’s market everyone seems to be tuned in digitally so we...

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Financial Terminals

PlusAMedia offers digital signage solutions that can be incorporated into ATMs and throughout a financial institution to provide...

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Assistive Selling

In today’s world a lot of consumers are well educated on pricing and product reviews but lack the incentive to make...

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At your bar or lounge, you can display prior event photos to show your current customers how patrons to your business have enjoyed...

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Digital Out-Of-Home

Outdoor advertising has been quite effective in the past but is a bit stagnant by today's advertising standards. Digital Outdoor Out-of Home...

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Government, Emergency
Alert Networks

We can provide you with the means to make a boring and dull government...

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Digital signage becomes a great tool when used as a map to guide people through a mall, an airport, a convention center...

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About PlusAMedia Platform

Imagine a system that lets you...

with large number of components...

  • Images/Videos
  • KenBurns Slider
  • News
  • Online Video Streamer
  • Real-time Camera Feed
  • Web Browser, HTML 5
  • External Video Feeds
  • Waiting List
  • Countdowns
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Awesome Transitions & Effects
  • And many more…
that supports most formats...

  • Videos: H.264, avi, mpg, wmv, flv, swf
  • Images: jpeg, png, tiff, gif, bmp
  • Sound: mp3, wav, flac
  • Using a Full-featured Image Editor...

    Our full-featured Photo Editor allows to easily edit your photos. Add Text, Resize, Crop, Change colors, Adjust Lighting, Draw, Rotate, add effects, Blur, and many more...

  • With 40+ Million Images...

    We integrated with in one of the most complete database of royalty-free, top quality, professional photos. Search our 40+ million picture database by keyword or by industry. Find amazing pictures and create a beautiful presentation.

  • And an Awesome Template Gallery

    Coming soon. Creating a presentation using a Template as a starting point makes it very quick and easy to create a professional presentation. Choose a template from our large Template Gallery based on screen topology, application type and other criteria. Start filling your content. Your are done!

  • Cloud Based...

    You can access, update, and monitor all your presentations and players on the cloud. Cloud-based digital signage is more secure, robust, has unlimited capacity and bandwidth, and is more cost effective. It allows to have a flexible infrastructure that is never too small for big deployment of thousand of players, and too big for small business, making the platform stable and cheaper to maintain.

  • From Any Device...

    Use your favorite smartphone to access, control, and update your presentations and players. Or just use any tablet or desktop computer. No matter the OS: iOS, MacOS, Windows, Androids, Ubuntu, etc.


Our Content Scheduler allows you to easily to automate the display schedule of different content:

  • Recurring Schedules
  • Day, Week, Month
  • Specific Dates
  • Schedule Promotions
  • Program Begin & End of Campaigns
  • Automatic switch to Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Weekend Menus

High Performance

Our Digital Signage Player Software was written with the fastest technologies available, including C++ and C#. We spent a lot of time optimizing our code for top performance, including leveraging Graphics Accelerated Hardware, making use of sophisticated, advanced programming techniques like custom memory management and resource pooling. The results are amazing graphical performances, smooth effects, never, ever a slow down like you would see with many competing solutions. Simply put, We believe we have the best Player Software in the industry.

Highly Reliable

Our Digital Signage Player Software is designed to be highly dependable and robust. It relies on the internet to get new content but will perfectly function if the internet is unreliable. We anticipated all possible failure points and put backups in place. Local and remote monitors can detect error situations and "heal" the system automatically.

Drives 1-32 monitors

Our Digital Signage Player Software can drive any number of screens from 1 to 32.

Screen Configurations

Our Digital Signage Player Software allows for any screen topology. Horizontal, Vertical screens, 2 by 2 vertical, 4 by 1 horizontal, 4 by 4 horizontal. And many more. All possible combinations.

  • We developed a Computer Vision Module using our own Machine Learning software
  • Event-Driven Presentations. Presentations can react to real-time events like Demographics event
  • Applications include targeted messaging or advertising by Gender, Age group, Ethnicity or Mood
  • Smart Scheduling like a real Operating System based on external events
  • Demographics Counting


No blank screens!
Dependability is our trademark. We got into this business to solve this particular problem. We treat all of our solutions as mission-critical.

Fault Tolerant

Our systems are fault tolerant. We use redundancy everywhere for example using multiple cloud hosting providers. We analyzed all the failure case scenarios and always have contingency in place. The system can detect errors and take appropriate preemptive actions.


Our back-end system can scale to virtually supporting an infinite number of players. One of our servers can handle many thousands of concurrently connected players. We always have plenty of capacity in advance and can increase it within minutes.

24/7 Monitoring

Our systems and network of players are monitored 24/7.

Continuous Updates

We constantly add new features and enhancements.

Customization Flexibility

Our Software offers a great level of Customization Flexibility


Our System is open and easily integrate with other Systems like Point Of Sale Software, Custom Content sources.


First and foremost, we are a Technology Company. Technology is what we excel most at. The company is run by a team of accomplished, proven, top gun Technologists. As a result, not surprisingly, we are using the best Software Engineering Development practices available to ensure the best solutions.

For those who understand the tech jargon, here is some info about our Software Development Philosophy:

  • Top Software Engineers only here
  • Treat every solution as a "mission-critical", something unfortunately lacking currently in the not-yet-mature Digital Signage industry:
    • Fault-tolerant
    • Redundancy
    • Fail over
    • Security
    • Reliability
    • Scalability
  • UX is center stage
  • High Performance Software:
    • Use the right tool for the job. High Performance end-result is always the dominant selection criteria
    • We are not married to any specific technology
    • We are not influenced by Technology fashion. Unfortunately too many non-top-notch Software Engineers are
    • We love simplicity. Simple but not Simpler.
    • We don't like bloated frameworks or magic we can't fully understand
  • Agile methodology using the best of Lean, Kanban and Scrum
  • No Software Inventory policy
  • Continuous Integration
  • Minimum Viable Product and Minimum Business Increment
  • Systematic Code reviews
  • Frequent Pair programming
  • Automated Testing. Unit testing, Regression suites, Stress Tests. Some TDD
  • Automated Deployments
  • Several Deployments Daily

Our Technology Partners