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Advertising Networks

Digital Signage is changing the way we sell to our customers. In today’s market everyone seems to be tuned in digitally so we have to deliver digital marketing so that customers have the buying confidence and experience they are looking for. Our Digital Signage Advertising Network has proven to be instrumental in driving sales, increasing customer retention and their buying frequency. Our advertising network is powered with some innovative tools to help our customers analyze how many viewers looked at their ads. Additionally, our network can simultaneously determine the gender, age range and race of each viewer. This tool we call, audience analytics, is second to none. We took it a step further and developed the Smart Ad which uses the audience analytics to analyze the viewer and then the responds by immediately changing the advertising to be specific to that viewer based on each viewer’s gender, age and race. PlusAMedia offers a multiple range of advertising network options for both interior and exterior applications. We can integrate your all your locations to be controlled by one device in the palm of your hands. We can offer you the best bang for your buck when it comes to advertising to a specific target audience and delivering results with our viewer tracking data. If you are looking to advertise in the most advanced and effective advertising network in today’s market, please visit our advertising networks portal at We deliver more traffic for your business through the use of our Smart Ad technology driven by real-time demographics and audience analytics. Do not settle for any more dummy ads and work with us to develop your new ads that will increase your ROI for the fraction of the cost of TV, radio and printed advertising.