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Smart Wayfinding

PlusAMedia Smart Wayfinding is a full-fledged wayfinding builder with venue modeling, map editor, and designer. It can be with advertising or can be standalone. It can be used together with PlusAMedia Computer Vision technology to gather traffic information and build business analytics reports.


Venue Modeler

Smart Wayfinding allows you to model your venue in a structured way: directories, floor plans, the physical position of totems or terminal, targets and destinations, categories, maps, and views.


Our View-Based approach allows the representation of the wayfinding model with different views. Advantage: reduce of cost of production and maintenance. No duplicate information.

Totem View

Usually, a vertical view optimized for user interaction on a big screen.

Mobile View

A responsive view optimized for user interaction in a mobile device.

Desktop View

A responsive view optimized for user interaction on a desktop or laptop.

Instant changes

All changes done in the PlusAMedia Wayfinding Control Panel are reflected in a matter of seconds in all the possible views: totems, mobile, desktops.

Easy changes

An easy way of adding, modifying, removing, collapsing, merging destinations, or stores.

Flexible destination

Destination points in a map can have different meanings based on the venue. A target destination can be a store, a restroom, an ATM, a classroom, a restaurant, a door, an elevator, a stair, an office, an area, any point where the user can walk.

Smart Search

Users can find a destination, not only by name but by products, services, or brands. E.g., "phone charger" lists all the destinations related to it: Apple stores, iPhone repair shops, accessory stores selling cases, and chargers.

Analytics Dashboards of Directory Usage

Smart Wayfinding saves all user interaction to produce dashboards that allow seeing most-search stores, most-active hours, most-active locations. Seasonality inside by hours, by week, by month. Click here for an example

Analytics Dashboards of Demographics

Together with the PlusAMedia Computer Vision module, Smart Wayfinding can be used to generate the Demographic Dashboard of the traffic facing the directories and advertising. Click here for an example

Smart Routing

Smart Wayfinding uses its proprietary routing algorithms to find the shortest path from origin to destination. Routes are calculated each time a user chooses a target. And can be calculated between multiple floors and buildings.

Special Routes Support

Smart Wayfinding supports hallways, stairs, elevators, emergency doors.

Multi Venue Multi Floor Support

Smart Wayfinding has supports for multiple venues and multiple floors.

Smart Wayfinding DashBoard - at Westland Mall Miami, FL

Demographics Dashboards Example - at CCI Mall, Quito, Ecuador