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Smart Digital Menu Board

Our Smart Digital Menu Boards (DMBs) are powered by the PlusAMedia Digital Signage Platform which outshines the competition in attractiveness and ease of use. Our Smart DMBs will increase the average ticket amount at the POS and accelerate the ordering process. They can be powered with PlusAMedia Computer Vision Technology, and can be integrated with your POS system to make sure product and prices are always in-sync.

Packed with Features

Items, Categories, Menus, Schedules, Time-lines, Programmable Slide-shows, Weather Information, Locations, Regions, Languages, Demographics, POS Integrations, Multi-Screen Panoramic Views.

Instant Changes of Prices, Names, Images, Videos

Prices, Images, Videos, can be changed using any device and changes usually take less than 5 seconds. From your smartphone, table, Mac or computer.

Multi user admin with Access Control List

Our Smart DMBs can be administered with multiple users. Each user can have different rights, for example some users may be able to change prices while other don't. Some users can add new items, and other don't and so on.

Content Management

With Items and locations you can manage images, videos, texts, colors, prices. The same item can have different prices, images, videos.. based on their geographical location.


Our View-Based approach allows the representation of the Digital Menu Board with different views. Advantage: reduce of cost of production and maintenance. No duplicate items or prices.

Multiple Screens - Single Panoramic Images and Videos

Our Smart DMBs can be displayed in multiple screens all together to create a single panoramic menu without the need of multiple players or complicated and costly hardware. This can have a great impact on customers perception and can increase sales by promoting products in a single big panoramic image or video.

Multi Region Multi Location

Smart DMBs can be easily managed at Location or Regional level. The items can have different prices, images, videos depending on location.

Menu Management

Using Multi Region and Multi Location our Smart DMBs can assists you in the implementation of campaigns based on geographical regions and locations.


You can schedule different menus on the same screens. For example Breakfast Menu, Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Daily Special, Important day or holiday.


Using Multi Region and Multi Location our Smart DMBs allows to have your menus and items in different languages depending the region or location.

Computer Vision - Realtime User Targeting

Our Smart DMB can take your sales a step further when it is integrated with PlusAMedia Computer Vision Technology Module. You can target products based on gender and age of the person looking at the menu.

Computer Vision - Demographics Dashboards

Together with the PlusAMedia Computer Vision Technology Module, you can generate the Demographic Dashboard of the traffic across your DMB. Click here for an example

POS Integration

PlusAMedia provides integration with most Point of Sale systems including Micros, Aloha, POSiTouch and more. Your POS is always in-sync with your Digital Menu Boards or Presentation. PlusAMedia can create revenue analytics report for Digital Menu Boards to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns used the our Smart DMBs.

Demographics Dashboards Example - at CCI Mall, Quito, Ecuador