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  • 2/21/16 February

    PlusAMedia Launches New Website

    PlusAMedia launches its new website in an effort to increase branding, visibility, and showcase the revolutionary innovations of its Digital Signage product. The new website illustrates the company's history and shows for the first time the team behind it. It includes big gun Technologists, and accomplished Entrepreneurs.

  • 2/10/16 February

    PlusAMedia Debuted Its Computer Vision Technology At The 2016 Miami International Boat Show

    PlusAMedia has chosen the Miami International Boat Show to debut its Computer Vision technology as part of its cutting edge Digital Signage Platform. Compared to the traditional display of a timeline or scheduled advertisement, the new PlusAMedia technology increases the efficiency of advertising by targeting in real-time the surrounding demographics of the visitors.

    The Miami International Boat Show is the Largest Boat show in the world. it is held annually in February in Miami and Miami Beach, Florida, United Stated. Produced by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, it welcomes 1,700 member companies, who account for over 80% of the marine products used by recreational boaters and anglers in the United States.

  • 2015 December

    PlusAMedia Releases Version 3 Of Its State-Of-The-Art Digital Signage Platform Together With Its Computer Vision Technology.

    PlusAMedia released a Computer Vision Module using its own Machine Learning software.

    Event-Driven Presentations. No more boring schedule-based play lists. Platform Version 3 is capable of modifying its presentation based on Demographics Events in real-time.

    Smart Scheduling like a real Operating System based on external events.

    Additionally, the PlusAMedia's Digital Signage Player software has been optimized to run on very small, cheap hardware like the new Intel Compute Stick. Peformance has been significantly improved. Lots of videos at 0% CPU. This is unrivaled.

  • 2015 November

    PlusAMedia Acquires Neovox And Upgrades Neovox's Technology With PlusAMedia's Hardware And Digital Signage Platform at Westland Mall.

    PlusAMedia acquires Neovox and replaces Neovox players and Software with PlusAMedia's superior Digital Signage technology. As part of the deal, PlusAMedia upgraded all the equipment at Westland Mall in Miami Florida, and added new way-finding/directory functionality for shopping malls and similar large scale venues.

  • 2015 November

    PlusAMedia Launches AdsAMedia, Miami Premier Digital Ads Network

    With over 80 installations in highly desirable location like South Beach, Miami Downtown, Brickell and Bayside, AdsAMedia is the Premier Digital Ads Network in Miami, FL.
    AdsAMedia is Powered by PlusAMedia's Technology.

    Media Kit: click here

    List of Locations: click here

    Web Site:

  • 2015 August

    PlusAMedia Penetrates The Most Iconic Hotels In South Beach!

    With its new venture with 7SunMedia, PlusAMedia replaces more than 45 units with its superior technology in the most iconic hotels and clubs in Miami Beach. During the first phase of the deal the network will increase up to 100 units equipped with PlusAMedia's Computer Vision technology. By observing the demographics of the surroundings, this proprietary technology can decide in real-time what is the most targeted ad that should be displayed. This is a quantum leap compared to traditional playlists, scheduled based ads used by other digital signage companies.

  • 2015 February

    Christophe Meray Joins PlusAMedia

    After consulting for PlusAMedia for almost 2 years, Christophe Meray joins PlusAMedia as Principal and CTO.
    Christophe brings over 20 years of experience in building World-class, Industry-award-winning, mission-critical solutions.

  • 2013 December

    PlusAMedia Opens A Manufacturing Plant In Miami, FL To Design And Produce Digital Signage Equipment

    As part of its strategy to provide a On-Stop-Shop solution for Digital Signage, PlusAMedia Opened a Manufacturing Plant in Hialeah, FL.

    PlusAMedia will be designing and producing weatherproof enclosures, ATM Toppers, Gas Station Toppers, mounts and other Digital Signage equipments. These equipments are usually developed by third party companies or outsourced outside of the United States, compromising the quality of the final Digital Signage Solution.