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Assistive Selling

In today’s world a lot of consumers are well educated on pricing and product reviews but lack the incentive to make the purchase on the spot. By using digital signage in your retail location you can incentivize the consumer by using digital signs as an assistive selling device to educate, inform and motivate them to make the purchase on spot. With PlusAMedia’s solutions you can count and analyze your audience and convert that data into real result at the cash register. Our digital signs keep the consumer engaged and entertained through the interaction with the digital screens. You can easily control the content of the screens to display in-store promotions, pricing changes, targeted messages, specific product videos or animations or instructional product information. Increase your profits and promote frequency of consumer visits to your location. You can enable customer ordering directly at the digital display and integrate it with your POS system which will allow you to realize more sales with less personnel. If selling a wearable item, you can show your customers how your product will look on them. You can inform your customers on the differences between your products and your competitors. Our digital signage in a retail location can be of great benefit to a small or large business and the uses for the technology are limitless.