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PlusAMedia players are Intel Based, optimized for the PlusAMedia DS Player software. And can serve multiple screens at the same time to create Video Walls and Integrated Presentations.

Full Software Platform

PlusAMedia is first and foremost a software company. We provide the most robust, easy to use digital signage platform in the market. Packed with features like presentation designer, POS Integration, Computer Vision. All oriented to fuel your revenue

Driven by Computer Vision

PlusAMedia allow you to bring Artificial Intelligence into your business. PlusAMedia Computer Vision technology is capable to target your customers or your audience in real time and change the Presentation to show the products you want to target to different genders or age groups.


No screens no problem. PlusAMedia provides the screens. Usually LG, Samsung or NEC.

Demographic Analytics

To better understand your customers, PlusAMedia provides you with its proprietary Computer Vision module that is tightly integrated with digital presentation. And can classify your customers by gender and age group.

Multi Region Multi Location

PlusAMedia Presentations can be easily managed at Location or Regional level. The same Presentation can have different prices or images depending on location. Ideal for restaurant chains looking for Menu Management

Professional Design

No more ugly templates. PlusAMedia provides Professional Design Services. We work with you to make the digital Presentation integrate and beautify your business.

Expert Installation

We provide trained IT professional to install our solutions. From screens, mounts, players, etc.

Dedicated Service

PlusAMedia has in-house services to make changes of prices, images, and presentation in general. All in a quick and efficient manner. In PlusAMedia Customer service isn't a department, it's a philosophy!

Instant Changes of Prices and Images

PlusAMedia Presentations can be changed using any device and changes usually take less than 5 seconds. From your smartphone, table, Mac or computer!

POS Integration

PlusAMedia provides integration with most Point of Sale systems including Micros, Aloha, POSiTouch and more. Your POS is always in-sync with your Digital Menu Boards or Presentation. PlusAMedia produces revenue analytics report for Digital Menu Boards.